For private hire, we charge a non returnable booking fee of £150 which includes obtaining a temporary event notice (TEN) if required. There are then just two simple options two choose from - but obviously, lots of lovely drinks!


Option A – cash bar
A cash bar where your guests pay for their drinks. This includes:

  • choice of real ales (2 hand pumps), draught lager and cider
  • bespoke drinks menu including a range of wines, spirits, bottles & soft drinks
  • triple bottle fridge
  • ice, straws, stirrers and garnishes
  • plastic glassware (glasses can be hired)


Option B – tab bar
Identical to the cash bar as described above, the only difference being that the host picks up the bill at the end of the night. Tab limits can be whatever suits your budget and when these are reached we can switch back to a cash bar.


Please fire up a booking form and don't forget to read our lovely terms and conditions!

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